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Many insurance companies offer reimbursement for Out Of Network (OON) Providers.  Please contact your insurance company directly for additional information.  The following questions may prove helpful during your call.

1. Do I have coverage for naturopathic medicine?

2. Do I have out of network benefits?

3. Does my plan cover telemedicine visits?

4. Does my plan require prior authorization or referrals for naturopathic medicine?

5. What is my copay or coinsurance for out of network physicians?

6. Are there limits on the number of visits per year for naturopathic medicine?

7. Are there any limitations on laboratory testing ordered by out of network providers?

8. Where should I send my superbill?


When seeing a physician or specialist who requires payment at the time of service, you will be expected to pay by cash, personal check, personal credit card, or HSA/FSA card.

A superbill is a form completed by a medical practitioner that allows you to be reimbursed directly by your health insurance company for the healthcare services for which you paid out of pocket.

A superbill does not guarantee that an insurance provider will pay for the services provided. Each insurance plan is different. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance provider and find out exactly what will be covered.

Note that superbills cannot be used if you have Medicare or Medicaid insurance. You will pay entirely out of pocket if you wish to seek care outside of these insurance systems. 

Why doesn’t Dr. Michelle M Ritola, ND bill my insurance company for me?

The main reasons: fair compensation for work provided and, most importantly, a commitment to providing you with thorough and excellent care. Providing service outside of insurance company standards enables us to offer you longer appointments and takes away the incentive for recommending unnecessary services or procedures. 

If having insurance coverage for the visit is important to you, please contact Be Well Holistic to make an appointment with me.  Please note that the appointment times at Be Well Holistic Health are shorter than my normal visits due to insurance requirements and may inhibit the more nuanced information collected in longer appointments.

How do I find out what my insurance company will reimburse for an out-of-network provider?

The only way to know for sure what your insurance company will pay is to ask them directly. Prior to starting work with a clinician who uses superbills, you should contact your insurance company to gather information (some important questions included above).

We will send a superbill to you within a week of your appointment so that you can submit this information to your insurance company.  It usually takes about 30 days to receive your check in the mail after you submit this superbill to your insurance. If your check is accidentally sent to the office, we will sign it over to you and mail it to your address on file or return it to the insurance company with instructions to send the payment directly to you.

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